We offer various types of PIN envelopes that are used for secret information, bank and cell phone card codes, payrolls.

PIN envelopes are multi-layered with a tear-off perforation.

The size of the produced PIN envelopes depends on the amount of sensitive information:

• 210 mm x 4“;
• 180 mm x 4“;
• 210 mm x 6“.

The PIN code in the envelope is printed with a needle printer. The printed code or information may only be read if the integrity of the envelope is tampered with. We do printing on the PIN codes (e.g. a logo or additional information).

Our affordable and high-quality PIN code envelopes are high on demand from banks and telecommunications companies in many countries, accounting offices for large companies.

We produce envelopes made from high-quality self-replicating paper Reacto, which maintains the information printed on it for 25 years.

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