Standard postal envelopes

We offer a full range of standard envelopes. We have envelopes of different formats, colours, weight, size, with different boxes and their location, internal background colour, different closing means.

General postal envelope formats:

• A6 - 114 x 229 mm;
• A6/5 - 114 x 229 mm;
• DL - 110 x 220 mm;
• A5 - 162 x 229 mm;
• B5 - 176 x 250 mm;
• A4 - 229 x 324 mm;
• B4 - 250 x 353 mm.

Standard envelope colours are white and brown. We use offset or recycled (kraft) paper from 70 to 140 gm2.

We offer postal envelopes:

• that are sealed with a strip;
• with special glue-covered flaps;
• that are sealed with moisture.

Coloured envelopes

We produce colour envelopes made from dyed Premium paper. Standard paper thickness - 80 gm2.

Envelope colours that can be ordered:

We always have A6 114 x 229 mm and DL 110 x 220 mm colour MIX envelopes for sale.

We make individual orders for coloured envelopes when the customer chooses a colour from the colour palette. Envelopes of A6 114 x 229 mm, DL 110 x 220 mm, A5 162 x 229 mm formats and different colour can be produced.

Envelopes for automatic enveloping

Envelopes for automatic enveloping are used for sending invoices, advertising and other correspondence. For automatic enveloping, we produce Couvert ® type and trapezoid-sealed flaps. Good envelope performance ensures efficient automatic packaging with the fastest automatic enveloping machines available not only from European but also global manufacturers. In the production process, the envelopes for automatic enveloping are thoroughly checked for factory quality control. We guarantee high quality and continuous work with the enveloping machines made by Kern, Pitney, Bowes, Bell & Howell, CMC and Neopost.

Envelopes with extension

Envelopes with an extension – a solution for sending a larger amount of correspondence or storing documents. The envelope increases several times thanks to the extension of the bottom and sides, and the paper weight of 130 gm2 ensures increased crack resistance.

We produce brown and white envelopes with an extension.

The envelopes are sealed off with a protective adhesive tape.

The most popular dimensions of the envelopes:

• B4 250 x 353 x 38 mm;
• A4 229 x 324 x 38 mm;
• E4 280 x 400 x 40 mm.

Envelopes with air bubbles

Our Airpack, Airmax, and Filmar envelopes with air bubbles are designed to ensure an easy, safe packaging solution. An excellent combination of FSC-certified kraft paper and multi-layer bubble film LDPE guarantees optimal protection against mechanical damage and moisture. We offer brown and white envelopes with air bubbles.

Envelope dimensions:

Exterior dimensions, mm Interior dimensions, mm
A/11 120 x 175 100 x 165
B/12 140 x 230 120 x 220
C/13 170 x 230 150 x 220
D/14 200 x 270 180 x 260
E/15 240 x 270 220 x 260
F/16 240 x 350 220 x 340
G/17 250 x 350 230 x 340
H/18 290 x 370 270 x 360
I/19 320 x 440 300 x 420
K/20 370 x 480 350 x 470
CD 200 x 175 180 x 165